Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

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    Das Katzen-Windmühle-Spielzeug ist ein unterhaltsames Spielzeug für Katzen, das aus Kunststoff und anderen leichten Materialien hergestellt ist. Es besteht aus mehreren drehbaren „Blättern“, die wie eine Windmühle angeordnet sind. Wenn eine Katze diese Blätter berührt oder daran schnuppert, können sie sich leicht drehen, was die Neugier der Katze weckt und sie zum Spielen anregt.

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    Geschätzte Lieferzeit: 9-20 Tage
    Tracking Informationen: Verfügbar

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug


    • Saugfuß
      Der Saugfuß kann auf dem Boden, an Türen und Fenstern oder unter dem Tisch gesaugt werden, wo immer Sie saugen möchten.
    • 2 transparente Behälter
      Das runde Windrad hat 2 durchsichtige Fächer, in die Sie Leuchtkugeln, Glöckchen und Minzkugeln stecken können, um Katzen anzulocken.
    • Lustig
      Wenn Sie es sanft drehen, wird sich das Windrad drehen, so dass die Katze nicht mehr so gerne kratzt.
    • Einzigartiges Design
      Alle Designs entsprechen dem Design der Katze, was bequem und unterhaltsam ist.

    Produktmerkmale: eingebauter, tragbarer Leuchtball, Katzenminze, pädagogisches Spielzeug, verbessert effektiv die Intelligenz der Katze, Zähneknirschfunktion, lindert Sorgen, weiches Material ist umweltfreundlich und gesund, und eine Vielzahl von Farben kann nach Belieben ausgewählt werden
    Leuchtball Batteriemodell: LR44 Batterie 3
    Funktion: Effektiv verbessern Katze Intelligenz

    Material: TPR
    Bruttogewicht: 130g
    Farbe: blau gelb-grün
    Einzelgewicht: 120g
    Verpackung: Farbkarton
    Farbe Box Größe: 16 X 7,5 X 7 cm

    Paket Inhalt: Katzenspielzeug *1


    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug

    Zusätzliche Informationen

    Gewicht 0,20 kg
    Größe 165 × 66 × 60 cm

    Black Balance car, Blue, Blue Balance car, Blue Turntable, Green, Green Balance car, Green Turntable, Orange Spring man, Pink, Pink Balance car, Pink Spring man, Suit1, Suit2, Suit3, Suit4, Yellow, Yellow Balance car, Yellow Spring man, Yellow Turntable

    64 reviews for Katzen Windmühle-Spielzeug


    Average of 63 reviews

    1. R***g

      The goods were received, a cool toy, the cat did not immediately react. But he crumbled in a box and does not stand out.
      no remarkno remark

    2. D***n

      Delivery is bad!!!!!

    3. К***а

      Cats will not figure out how to play

    4. E***j

      I have nothing yet receive!!!
      There states that it is provided, I have not received it!!!!

    5. I***S

      Very interesting became a cat, but here the ball does not burn

    6. M***a

      The seller is good when I chose the goods everywhere there were options or with a glowing ball or with two mint balls, and this seller put in a parcel and mint balls!
      Respect to the seller and respect!

    7. E***r

      The suction cup doesn't hold much time stuck on a wall. Turn well and the lights draw attention

    8. Y***a

      Excellent, the quality is good

    9. F***r

      no remark

    10. V***n

      Corresponds to the photo, but the cat did not check.

    11. V***r

      My cat LOVES this excellent toy!. Arrived very quick and very very happy

    12. E***a

      Cool toy) I recommend
      no remark

    13. G***a

      Light stability overrunning interest even none …. cat

    14. S***r

      So happy with this product and it arrived quickly too. I recommend this toy for all cats, they love it.
      Thank you

    15. V***D

      Very quickly came the goods. Everything corresponds to the description. Cats are happy. Thank you seller.
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    16. N***o

      It comes with two gatuna grass balls and an led ball, which works badly and needs you to hit it hard to shine (and shouldn't be so). Otherwise, the suction cup adheres well and has a tab to facilitate its withdrawal, turns fluently. The bo gets them into a flexible hole below. I expected it smaller. However, I see it a little expensive for what it is. Now it remains to wait for the cat to learn to play with it
      no remark

    17. S***S


    18. S***o

      I received the parcel, separately from the toy in the package battery with balls. It is not clear where the battery is inserted…
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    19. L***n

      My cats don't play.

    20. O***a

      I liked it very much
      And the cats too
      Thank you, great!
      no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

    21. M***v

      Thank you. Nice toy.

    22. 9***r

      It's okay.

    23. T***t

      Get treats the cat heavy out

    24. K***k


    25. J***j

      Money returned

    26. B***n

      It's small. The cats don't really play with it. Also no directions on how to set up or use.

    27. P***k

      Good, bit the catnip is not verk Good.

    28. G***d

      Cat does not want to play

    29. C***a

      It came great, but my cat, who's very playful doesn't even listen to him.

    30. J***s

      Good but unfortunately my 7 cats have not played with it

    31. N***i

      It's very good for Kitty lencanta
      no remark

    32. A***e

      He likes it even though he still doesn't understand what it's about. Sometimes it gives him some kick but already. I hope you'll play more in the future.

    33. S***a

      The toy came a little bent. Heated with a hair dryer and tried to straighten it. It got a little better. But the kitty is a little afraid of her, because of this little play with her.
      no remark

    34. B***e

      I get damaged. I think it's a scam.

    35. E***e

      Perfect, as I expected, came with two balls of catnip and one of lights.
      My cat only likes the middle if I put the malt on it.
      La perrita also likes Malta jijji
      Fits very well anywhere
      no remarkno remarkno remark

    36. P***v

      Cats are extremely happy
      no remark

    37. D***a

      Article not received

    38. C***r

      Not very high quality

    39. N***d

      The mill itself is good, but how to put a ball that should glow, I never guessed. The cat is still indifferent to the mill, despite the balls of cat mint in both blades.

    40. M***a

      Seals play!

    41. I***v

      Small, but very cute. I liked the cat)) for three minutes I played, until I saw an empty cardboard box :)))))))) Excellent Toy, everything works, everything goes down, there are also two balls with cat grass. We enjoyed it

    42. J***n

      Nice kattenspeeltje fast shipping

    43. E***t

      Great, sucking on the floor or on a window, my cats love it! You have to place cat grass balls in one capsule, and in the other the bright ball (you have to open it completely to enter) a nice toy, not bulky and very nice!

    44. N***k

      The goods is not according to the description

    45. A***k


    46. M***z

      Today gone e-mails not for me is my partner has cat thank you very much
      no remark

    47. F***r

      Very nice cat female my hand started playing
      no remark

    48. V***i

      cool mes chat adore

    49. R***y

      If something delicious to put a cat iipoplayable))) if there is no then and a child)) in general, a normal toy
      no remarkno remark

    50. E***r

      The toy is exactly the same as in the photos but I find it expensive for it. The bad luck that my cat doesn't like it and doesn't listen to it but the toy is fine

    51. A***e


    52. R***g

      Good quality. Item as described. Suction cupbworks fine. Comes with two cap nip balls and a light up ball with batteries included.

    53. S***n

      Unfortunately this wasn't packaged well, so it didn't ship good. A part is bent and I can't get it to straighten and the suction won't stay put either.

      no remark

    54. C***s

      Little but okay

    55. M***z

      No warning, nothing at all. He didn't get me home and they sent him to the post office without telling me anything. Regrettable.

    56. A***s

      As described, highly recommended

    57. E***r

      All perfect, recommended

    58. L***n

      no me llego

    59. A***v

      Approached, ponyuhala, a couple of times twisted and forgot, although mint was included)))

    60. W***r

      Thanks for the fast delivery thanks toppie.

    61. S***r

      the cat likes it

    62. O***A

      Соответствует описанию.
      no remarkno remark

    63. D***e

      My cat has not yet played with despite having mie on a door while waiting for him to play with lol

    64. A***a

      кот вообще не реагирует.

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